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Teaching you how to do all the marketing things is super fun for me. And it ensures that you feel ownership of it - so you're bursting with pride!

I can teach you how to market your organization on your own.

Teach me how to be a marketer!

Here's what you can expect...



We'll talk a lot about your business. What you've been doing and what's working and what's not. And we'll identify your business goals.


Marketing Plan

Based on all the info, I'll sketch out a marketing plan - or a marketing "to-do" list of sorts. It will include plans to get your basic content containers set up - like your website or social media platform.

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Marketing Audit

If you've been doing marketing, I'll take a look at it and check to see if the metrics and data can tell us anything about how we can successfully move your business forward.


Work The Plan

Over the next several months, we'll work the plan to get your marketing up and running the way you want! You'll do some of the work, I'll do some of the work.


Brand Identity

Developing a strong and consistent brand identity for your organization is important. It not only makes you look good, but it's also a huge time-saver in making decisions down the road.



We're going to try a bunch of new things while we're working together. Some will work - some won't. But we'll define measurements upfront so we are clear on how to evaluate them.

These really are custom built based on your individual business needs. Depending on all that we want to accomplish and in what time frame, this plan is normally a minimum of six months and monthly rates range from $600 - $1,500 per month.

What results from the "I Teach You" plan can you expect?

During our time together, we'll define how we'll measure success. So you can expect: 

  • To learn a ton about how to market your business.

  • Have the foundational marketing built for long-term success.

  • A plan customized to your business.

  • Relief that you have a partner in all this! (And a forever resource.)

This option is great for you if you...

  • Are excited about marketing and want to learn!

  • Believe that marketing will genuinely help build your brand.

  • Would feel more confident in your marketing if you had a partner.

  • Need a lower-cost option as your business grows.

  • Have no idea where to start marketing and need a plan.


Seriously, I love my clients just as much as they love me!
Connecting great brands to the people they serve is my mission.

I used to hope my marketing would work. Now I know it will. Stacy looked at my industry and my ideal customer and tailored everything to be attractive to that audience. Now I ask “what is important to pet parents” when I plan everything for my hospital.

Dr. Ellie Scott, Stringtown Animal Hospital

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