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Stop wondering if your marketing works
and actually find out.

I’m doing Marketing Audits & Roadmaps—perfect for getting back on track with your marketing. 

My Digital Marketing Audit and Roadmap will:

  • Evaluate all of your marketing efforts from how well your website is performing to your engagement on social media to your email conversions and more! If you’re doing something online, we’ll take a look at it. 


  • Review your high-level strategy, positioning, and messaging/content. 


  • Tell you what’s working, what to stop doing, or what could be better in a simple and straightforward way.


  • Provide easy-to-understand clear next steps in a prioritized marketing road map.


I know other consultants that would charge thousands of dollars for this. I’m doing them for $1497. Get in now—I only have the bandwidth to do one per month. 


You're a business owner and you're tired. 


Tired of not knowing what’s working, tired of not being organized, tired of keeping up with all the new digital stuff, tired of having to do it all.


You just want an expert who knows all the marketing stuff to tell you what’s working, what’s not, and how to fix it so that you can be calm and confident.​

Whether you…

  • Are doing all the marketing yourself and don’t have time to see what’s really working 


  • Have someone (or multiple someones) doing some marketing but you don’t know if your collective efforts are producing results


  • Are being pulled in different directions and just need someone super organized to pull your marketing together in a manageable way


  • Need a second set of eyes from a marketer that’s done all the marketing stuff to take a look at your activities and tell you where to go next


You’re in the right place.

When we review your Marketing Audit & Roadmap, you will have:

  • An easy-to-understand, visual report that gives you data on what’s working and what’s not across all of your digital marketing efforts. 

  • An assessment from a marketer that has both strategy and execution skills across digital channels that cares about connecting your brand to your customer in a way that gets them to take action. 

  • In-depth look across all of your individual digital marketing assets including website, social media platforms, email marketing, Google programs, and anything else you may have on your marketing list.

  • High-level evaluation of your messaging, positioning, and content—the foundations of your marketing strategy—so you know if your message is connecting your brand to your audience.

  • Suggested marketing activities to keep your ideal customer engaged along their journey with your brand. 

  • A realistic prioritized strategic list of what we can do next to meet your business objectives. Don’t worry, I’m not going to hand you a list and bolt. We’ll have a practical plan for execution. 

PPM_Proof Image Of Ellie (1).png

Our review sessions are a highlight on my calendar because she presents numbers and details in a way that makes it interesting and understandable. I used to hope my marketing would work. Now I know it will. Stacy looked at my industry and my ideal customer and tailored everything to be attractive to that audience. Now I ask 'What is important to pet parents?' when I plan everything for my hospital.”

~Dr. Ellie Scott, Stringtown Animal Hospital

“I love Stacy’s organization and real attitude toward marketing. 

Are you ready for a clear, actionable, detailed marketing review?


A Marketing Audit and Roadmap is a one-time fee of $997. And it's a pretty great way to kick off 2022 planning. 

Get in now. 

What do my clients have to say about working with me?

“Your Marketing Audit & Roadmap has by far been the most valuable out of the probably five consultants I’ve paid over the last few years. The audit was thorough, easy-to-understand, user-friendly, and included clear "next step" action items in each area of the audit. Thank you for being knowledgeable, concise, and thorough.

~Amy, My Bookworm Box

“Working with Stacy completely transformed our organization’s presence. She gave us the marketing tools, templates, ideas, and confidence to learn and grow! Stacy is an incredible teacher - patient, kind and dedicated!”

~Sharon, Wellbeing Connection


“Stacy is an amazing collaborator and top-notch marketer. She can help you think big picture strategy and then jump into the tactical side–and she is always the most organized person in the room.”

~Jess, IGS Energy

FAQ: Burning questions clients have had before signing up for a Marketing Audit & Roadmap


What will you need from me to do the audit?

What’s the process?


How long will it take?

Still have questions? Contact me and ask away!

I'd like to chat about a Marketing Audit & Roadmap.

Thanks! I'll be in touch in the next few business days!

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