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Hey, I'm Stacy!

I'm your marketing partner—a one-stop-shop for marketing strategy, planning, execution, and measurement to engage and convert your customers.








I started Pencil Point Marketing to help businesses and organizations deliver customized and compelling marketing that stays organized and consistent with reaching your customers, keeping them engaged, and converting them.

Business owners and leaders are often frustrated with marketing.


You may have too much to do, only sporadically executing marketing, don’t like marketing, lack confidence in marketing, or don’t want to spend your time doing it anymore.


And really, you just want to reach your business goals.

As your partner in marketing, I can fix this. 


A little about me.

After decades in corporate marketing with big brands, I realized how much I love marketing smaller ones.


Now, I’m a one-stop-shop for marketing strategy, planning, execution, and measurement.


Also, I love cute office supplies. ✏️

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Thanks! I'll be in touch!

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